L&D Waterjet, market leader in the field of water jet cutting techniques

The big advantage of water jet cutting is that it is a cold cutting process with which practically any material can be cut. This also applies for reflective and laminated materials. As distinct from other cutting techniques almost any thickness can be cut. Besides advantages during processing, water jet cutting has little effect on the environment as the whole process consumes nothing more than water and sand.

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You will have undoubtedly heard of the term 2D. The abbreviation 2D stands for two-dimensional. So this concerns a two-dimensional space whereby two kinds of movements can take place: left and right on the X axis and forwards and backwards on the Y axis.

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The 3D machine at L&D is notable in the Benelux because of its dimensions. This machine can cut in both 2D and 3D in flat plates, voluminous products and pipes.

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L&D also EN9100 certified since 21/11/2014

To be able to continue working for the aircraft industry, an EN 9100 certification is necessary. L&D will continue to improve their possibilities in cutting into Carbon fiber and Glass fiber.

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